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What do Locksmiths Do?

Trusted Locksmiths

We realise that safety, trust and honesty are key requirements when you choose a locksmith for your property. After all, they could be holding the keys to your house, so you want to ensure that they are properly vetted and skilled professionals.

Whilst there can be many less trustworthy locksmiths out there, all of the Locksmiths that we recommend on are fully vetted by the Master Locksmith Association.

Most of these locksmiths are family run businesses that have been around for many years and pride themselves on trust and customer service, which is why we've hand selected them on this site.

How to Find A Good Locksmith

Finding a good Locksmith can be quite daunting. Most people's first experience with a locksmith is when they're locked out of their house and are panicking about how to get back into their house.

A quick search on Google will throw up hundreds of results, so how do you know who to trust?

Read our Guide to Good Locksmiths

What to do if you’re Locked Out of Your House?

Yes, we've all done it at some point in the past, but don't worry we've got some simple tips to get you back inside.

Check Entry Points

Check for open windows, doors, cellars, roof entrances. You never know you may have left something open!

Find Another Keyholder

Check with your neighbour, a friend, your parents or someone nearby that you can phone up and save you a few pounds.

The Credit Card Technique

Use a credit card to try and wedge open the spring lock

Pick the Lock

If you know the basic technique then this can be easy enough to do, but will only work on certain types of locks

We've looked at all the possible options for you if you are locked out of your house.

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We’ll Get You Back In Night or Day!

"I'd been out at our Christmas party and had a little bit too much 'Christmas Cheer' when I realised I couldn't find my house keys."
My girlfriend was away for the weekend, and I had no other way to get back into my flat."

"Luckily with a quick Google search I came across Locksmith Radar and used their search to Find a Local London Locksmith, who provided 24 hour call out services, and were able to get me back in within 30 minutes.

"I was happier to see the locksmith than I was to see Santa!!!

- Paul Abrahams

Automotive Locksmiths

If you've been locked out of your car, need to change your car keys or need a new set of car keys, then we've vetted a selection of expert car locksmiths who'll be able to help you out as well

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